Weeks 8 and 9

The past two weeks have not been as busy as the previous ones, so I decided to merge them.

Dinner with Barbara and her parents

During the previous week (7) Barbara’s parents came over for a weeks holiday. They stayed in the city center and Barbara took full advantage of the comfort of the apartment, soft furnishings, good food and easy access to the central bus which she takes to placement everyday. Her parents were incredibly kind at the end of their holiday, and asked me to join the three of them for a meal at the hotel near us. I was unaware it had such a nice restaurant, the kind where the dishes are expensive and the portions small, being that one pays for the flavors and presentation rather than the food itself! It was lovely to talk to them about their week and be a part of their banter and lots of laughs. We were quite taken a back by the presentation of the desserts, especially Barbara’s cheesecake, which came in a glass storage jar and wasn’t really a cheesecake but had it’s ingredients separated out. I have added photos to show…

20141004_211408 20141004_211344 20141004_211355

The chocolate dessert was mine- you get what I mean about paying for the presentation rather than the food. And the other is Barbara’s cheesecake, we didn’t quite know what to make of it. The light green mouse in the jar at the top left was flavored with spruce, and yes it actually tasted like a tree!

Week 8

Most of my time is spent either studying or in the hospital. At the beginning of last week I had two days off followed by a study day, so having an early shift on the Sunday, three days out of the hospital and a late shift on Thursday, I had a nice break from the hospital environment. But I was then greeted with 4 straight days back in the hospital, one late followed by three earlies. The worst combination as there’s always a lack of sleep going from a late to an early shift. But I got through it, doing my normal thing on the ward.

On Tuesday evening I did spend my time with my Finnish family, minus dad and eldest boy. Pia picked me up in their family car (a 9 seater mini bus!) and I went back to theirs for dinner, Salmon and mash with apple crumble and ice cream for dessert. It was really nice to have a home cooked dinner. Even though I was quite full after the salmon, I couldn’t pass on the crumble, especially as one of the boys had made it. The evening was really interesting, watching how the family functioned with so many of them. The kids were very hands on helping in the kitchen and helping each other. They were quite content getting on with their own things, even the smallest one, which allowed myself and Pia to have good conversation about lots of different things. During the evening I went with Pia and Saaga (10) to Saaga’s school were there was a family event to show the parents how they use technology (ipads) in the classroom to teach. Everything was in Finnish so I didn’t understand was what going on most of the time, but it was interesting to see how the Finnish education system worked a little and how they tried to show and parents how they teach the kids.


On Sunday evening I went to church after my morning shift, and even though pretty tired, went back to a friends house to watch the Finnish equivalent of Strictly Come Dancing. There were a few of us there, one of whom used to dance, so it was interesting talking to him about the dancing world. As I have also danced (and still do) I enjoyed talking about our similarities, and then getting onto discussing the English language, which seems to be quite common. I have heard quite a few times how people like my accent and listening to me talk because my English is so good! We have a good laugh about it, and I end up learning quite a lot about my own language when I try to explain grammar and structure.

Week 9

This week started with two days off and then another stretch of four days. I did manage to spend two of the days down in the Lung Function out patient clinic which was interesting. I was able to watch the nurses give the patients different tests for assessing their lungs according to their diagnosis, but some of it was a bit lost in translation. It was pretty quiet in the clinic and only saw 5 or 6 patients over the whole two days, but it was a nice break from the ward environment.

One more week to go and I’ll be off to the surgical ward…

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